moving your loved one into a nursing home

moving your loved one into a nursing home

4 Aspects That Influence Charges In Senior Living

Alisa Mantyla

When moving your loved one into senior assisted living, you may want to consider the costs. In this case, you may find the process frustrating because most facilities rarely indicate prices on their websites. This is especially the case because most facilities will have a customized price depending on the care your loved one needs. Also, you must note that senior assisted living facilities offer more than just housing. Hence, you must visit the facilities in person to discuss the specifics of the exact charges. Here are four aspects that influence assisted living expenses.

Extent Of Care

The extent of care your loved one needs can determine the overall costs. Mostly, this will depend on your family member's health. For instance, if they have dementia, they might need constant support and assistance, increasing the costs. Also, help with daily tasks such as dressing and bathing can add up to the charges. Additionally, if your aging parent needs transportation to doctor visits, the facility will charge you for this service.


Your area of residency can also influence the cost of assisted living. Since you need to pay for housing, you should know that the charge will vary with the current real estate market. Hence, the amount you pay to house your loved one will go up or down, depending on the current market prices in the area. Given this, you might need to shop around to get a facility with favorable prices. Once you consider charges, you can settle on a facility close to your home or a few miles away. 


Different facilities offer varied amenities, which can affect pricing. For instance, if you need private rooms, you will pay more than for a shared room. In many cases, the health of your loved one can determine the room you choose. For example, if they have Alzheimer's' they might need a room with safety installations to move around freely. In other cases, you will find that some facilities have voice-activated devices that can increase costs.

Admission Fee

Also called the entrance fee, an admission fee is an amount you pay upfront to reserve a place for your loved one. In some cases, this fee can be refundable, while other facilities might not refund it. In addition, the charge can be high or low, depending on your chosen center.

That said, you should know that some facilities do not charge an admission fee. Hence, it is best to ask about the payment model before you commit to the center. Typically, some centers can charge you a month's rent as the admission fee.

The above are aspects that can influence senior assisted living expenses. The important this is to factor in your loved one's health needs when budgeting. That way, they can receive the care and support they deserve. 

For more information about senior living, contact a local company. 


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moving your loved one into a nursing home

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