moving your loved one into a nursing home

moving your loved one into a nursing home

Is Assisted Living The Right Choice For Your Loved One?

Alisa Mantyla

Unfortunately, life is messy. That means families must sometimes make difficult decisions on behalf of loved ones who may be unable to make these choices for themselves. One of those choices involves placing a loved one who can no longer live alone in an assisted living facility. Sometimes this is not only the right choice, but it is the only choice that promises a better quality of life for a loved one who is no longer able to manage their daily care needs.

What Does Assisted Living Offer?

Granted, each assisted living facility offers unique services and settings for its residents. You will need to explore a few to determine which one has the most to offer your loved one. There are, however, a few basic things that all assisted living communities offer. These services are worth exploring for the benefits they offer your loved one. They include things like:

  • Nutritious meal services so you don't have to worry about your loved one missing a meal.
  • Medication management so that all doses are administered at the appropriate times and there are no missed doses or medication confusion.
  • Daily monitoring of vital signs and overall health.
  • Assistance for tasks like dressing, grooming, bathing, and mobility (as needed).
  • Planned activities and entertainment.
  • Age and mobility-appropriate fitness options.
  • Socialization and community-building opportunities for residents.
  • Field trips and outings.
  • Intellectual enrichment opportunities for residents.
  • Volunteer opportunities.

All these services work together to improve the quality-of-life assisted living community residents experience while ensuring they have every opportunity to achieve optimal health while under the facility's care. That translates to peace of mind for family, friends, and other loved ones.

How Can You Tell if Assisted Living is Right for Your Loved One?

Even with all the benefits assisted living has to offer, it isn't the right choice for everyone. Some people prefer to be alone. It can be a nature of extreme introversion or the result of confusion when faced with unfamiliar people and situations. In other words, you must also consider the individual person when making these choices as well. Many people will thrive in an assisted living community where there are people with similar backgrounds, experiences, and histories to get to know.

You know your loved one best. However, giving the right assisted living facility a chance to help a loved one may help them live their best lives throughout their golden years. Keep these tips in mind when looking for assisted living services near you.


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moving your loved one into a nursing home

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