moving your loved one into a nursing home

moving your loved one into a nursing home

Why Make The Move To Senior Living?

Alisa Mantyla

Senior living communities come in many forms, but one thing is the same between all of them: They can be very beneficial to the health of an aging parent.

They Provide Excellent Resources

Senior living communities are designed with aging adults in mind, which means that they can almost anticipate your parent's needs before they have them. Living in a mixed-age community, it may be harder to get added to service programs such as senior meal programs, community ride sharing and other social services directed at seniors. But these will all be sure to stop at senior living communities, whenever they are present in your area.

It Encourages Seniors to Be Active

Another big part of independent senior living communities is that they help your loved one stay active in the ways that mean the most to them. This could be socially, since there are many other peers around to talk to. It could be physically, if you find a facility that has exercise activities geared at seniors. Dance lessons and swimming come to mind. Or it might be that your loved one craves intellectual challenges. See if you can find a living center that has chess or other mental activities scheduled.

They Can Be Independent

Independent senior living communities don't have to mean that your loved one gives up their freedom to live as they like. Some senior facilities are merely a sort of apartment complex for seniors. Each person can do what they need, but they have the support of other seniors around and the apartments are designed for easy access (maybe even ADA access) for seniors.

Of course, it always helps if your facility has a way to help your loved one transition into more continuous care. Many will have physicians or nurses who check on residents to make sure there are no glaring health issues. Others give you the option of easily hiring in-unit care for your loved one.

There Are Many Options Available

Now that you have an idea of why independent senior living communities are beneficial, you may want to approach representatives of various centers to see what types of living arrangements and services they offer. They can run the gamut, from independent living to full custodial care. The many different options, sometimes coexisting in the same facility, should make it much easier to find the appropriate level of care for your loved one.


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moving your loved one into a nursing home

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