moving your loved one into a nursing home

moving your loved one into a nursing home

Grandkids Coming For A Visit? 3 Ways To Keep Them Entertained In Your New Senior Community

Alisa Mantyla

There is something so exciting about having your grandkids visit. Yet, it can be challenging keeping all that energy contained. Fortunately, you can entertain your grandkids and create beautiful memories by using these ideas that will have them begging to come back to visit you in your new senior living community.

Read a Chapter Book

Kids love hearing stories, and you can teach your grandkids the joy of reading by stashing a few chapter books on your shelf. At each visit read a chapter, and save the next one for when they come over again. If your grandchild is too young for chapter books, then choose a kid-friendly anthology that is filled with several different fairy tales. Ending your visits with a cliffhanger will pique their curiosity and have the kids begging for their parents to bring them over again soon.

Plan a Treasure Hunt

Spend a moment remembering how much you loved treasure maps and surprises when you were a kid. Well, those things still haven't changed. Make a map of your home, and plant a surprise somewhere inside for the kids to find. Or, you can get together with a few friends from your senior living community and get all of the kids involved by planning a larger hunt outside. The kids will love the mystery, and they'll be looking forward to seeing what you have hidden up your sleeve for next time.

Make a Slide Show

Perusing old family photos is one activity that never gets old. After all, the kids love seeing their parents' awkward teenage photos. Now, you can use technology to create a beautiful slide show that can be added to your family's history. Let the kids choose which photos to include, and help them come up with creative and funny captions. Then, show it at your next family event. To extend this activity from one visit to another, come up with different themes. For example, you could make a holiday slide show one visit and a blooper themed one the next.

Ah, the joy of youth just radiates through your new home every time those little feet come scampering to your front door. Finding new and fun activities together strengthens your bond and creates amazing memories. By having these ideas in your grandparent surprise box, you will love having those amazing bonding moments that will be cherished by every member of your family.  


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moving your loved one into a nursing home

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