moving your loved one into a nursing home

moving your loved one into a nursing home

About The Advantages Of Assisted Living For A Senior

Alisa Mantyla

If you are a senior who has been living with one of your adult children due to having a minor medical problem, you might have an interest in an assisted living community. Although it is nice that you are able to live with a family member, an assisted living community will offer you a few advantages. Below, you will learn about the advantages of moving into an assisted senior living facility.

You Can Live Alone Safely

An assisted living community will give you the opportunity to live in your own home. You will actually have a home that is no different than living in a regular apartment. What makes an assisted living home special is that it is constructed to accommodate seniors who are handicapped. For instance, your home might have railings on the walls in case you need a little support when walking around; there will also be railings in the shower area. The doors are created a little wider than normal to make it easy for wheelchairs to get through them or other medical devices.

Nurses Can Quickly Assist You

Rather than having to depend on a family member and live in their home, you will have privacy and access to nurses that are always available. Since your medical condition is minor, you might not need assistance too much. However, the nurses can still assist you with activities such as cooking, light cleaning and helping you take any medication that you are on for your condition. You can also get assistance with bathing if you ever feel too weak to do it on your own. The ability to call your family for assistance will still be an option if you desire, as you will not have to follow any rules for when it comes to your care.

Mingle with Other Seniors

Living in an assisted living facility will give you the opportunity to be surrounded with other seniors. You will get to make new friends or possibly even start dating if you are single. Being social should not be a hard thing to do because there will be community events for the residents to attend for socializing and activities. Some of the events might be hosted away from the assisted living facility, but there will be transportation available that can get you to and from the destination without you having to drive. Browse a few assisted living communities to find one that will meet your needs.


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moving your loved one into a nursing home

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