moving your loved one into a nursing home

moving your loved one into a nursing home

3 Ways Residential Care Locations Are Made To Feel More Like Real Homes

Alisa Mantyla

Often times it can be hard for an adult to transition from living on their own to moving into some type of assisted living location. However, some of these locations feel more like home than others, and a residential care facility is one of these locations. Residential care facilities such as Gateway Living are designed to feel like a home, rather than a doctor's office or hospital type of setting. This article will discuss 3 ways residential care is made to feel more like a real home. 

Private Rooms and Living Areas 

Most residential locations not only allow you to have a private bedroom where you can keep all of your personal belongings, but you also generally have somewhat of a living area as well. This means that you can bring all of your special items from home that you treasure and set them up in this area. Having a couch and a television in your room can also help to make it feel more like home and will give you more options for what to do while you are staying in your room. Simple things such as watching your favorite shows and seeing your favorite pictures hung on the wall can make all of the difference in the world. 

Social Gatherings

Residential care locations also do a wonderful job of creating social gatherings for all of the residents. The activities at these gatherings vary, but will include things like group dancing classes, movie nights, game nights, themed dinner gatherings, and more. These social gatherings allow the residents to get to know each other so that they feel more like a community, rather than a bunch of patients that are living together. This can create friendships that make life at the residential care facility even more enjoyable and can make the adjustment process go much more smoothly. 

Home Cooked Meals 

One of the best aspects of living in your own home is eating home cooked meals. Sometimes when living in an assisted living facility you feel that you no longer get to enjoy this simple luxury, but this isn't always the case. Residential care locations will serve you home cooked meals that are cooked right before your eyes. You may even have have the option of helping to cook the meals some of the time if there is a cooking activity going on for the residents. Eating delicious food and getting involved in making it can really help you to enjoy the whole residential care experience. 


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moving your loved one into a nursing home

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